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The road to fame is long and hard, and not all celebs get on the right side of the road straight away. Some celebs really have to struggle to make it to the top, and then you get other celebs who do make quite quickly to the top only to fall down again.


Interestingly enough there are more than one sexy leading man who has had experience of Shoreditch escorts from in one way or another. Some of them may even have married Shoreditch escorts whilst other may have been Shoreditch escorts themselves.


Shoreditch Escorts

In this article we are going to take a brief look at the celebs who have had some sort of involvement in the Shoreditch escorts business. I have to stress that this article does not include the names of all of the celebs who have experience with Shoreditch escorts or have worked as Shoreditch escorts.


That list will have to wait to another day, but I must admit I was a bit taken back by some of the name that popped up as I was doing my research. Check out the sexy male celeb in the number one spot.


Brad Pitt


Well, I would never have thought. It is not really clear whether Brad Pitt was actually an escort or not, but Brad Pitt did seem to have spent a long time living in the gay community. Brad has never confessed to being bisexual, but for a time it sounds like he very much enjoyed the attention of some prominent gay people.


Brad was often seen out having dinner with leading gay male actors, screen writers and other famous gay names in the movie industry. This was before he hit the big screen but even so it makes for rather interesting reading.


And here is the kicker, for a time Brad even lived as a house boy with a leading gay Hollywood script writer. Surprise, surprise …


Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is such a glorious bad boy. He always manages to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons but he is still a great actor. Many of us loved him in two and half men in which he played a sex crazed Hollywood composer. It sounds just like his private persona.


Privately our Charlie has been known to date a string of glamorous escorts but very few people know that his ex-wife Denise Richards is a former escort.


Hugh Grant


Sexy, posh boy Hugh Grant certainly loves his escorts. In his younger days Hugh used to do a lot of globe-trotting but he seems to have now happily settled down.


However, during his more wild days Hugh Grant was famous for his wild parties and entertaining escorts on more than one continent throughout the world. I seem to recall a couple of instances when Hugh and his love for escorts got him into trouble.


There you go, all of these leading men have a bit of checkered past. I would love to have the opportunity to delve into the world of sexy men and celebs a little bit more as you never know what you will find out. The problem is that many of them are well protected by their agents, and many of their extra curricular activities never hits the press.

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