In life, we never know who or when we found the love of our life.

But what’s more important is when I found it, I will never let it go said a girl working for Stansted Escorts agency of It’s a beautiful morning here in New York; I woke up early and right. For me, every morning are blessings and worth to live. And that is why I am thankful for every day of my life. I am Yeshua; when I was still a kid, I am fond of watching love stories because it makes me believe in love. Love is the feeling, people always look for, someone that could make them feel special throughout their life. I have a whole beautiful family, and they love me so much. My family is an example for all, the love is eternal, and even though there are still challenges to face, they never let it our family break. My father is a lovable person; he likes to surprise my mom and us too according to this girl who works for Stansted escorts agency.  He is our provider, and he never let us sleep starve. He only wants the good for us. My father always supported me in my decision and advise me when the time has comes that I will love a man, it should be someone who always values me.  My mother is the light of the house; she always comfort us during our problems and heartbreaks. When I am with her, I know everything is alright and safe.

During my secondary, my parents always go to my school to receive my awards; I aim to excel in class. I never want to let my parents disappointed and broke my promise to them. I promise that I will finish studies with honor according to this girl who works for Stansted escorts agency. Someone is courting me at that time, he seems responsible and loves me. He did his best and put an effort with me, I thought I wouldn’t like him, but I do. After months of chasing and pursuing me, I said yes and became a couple. When you love, it’s like I’m in paradise and always happy. Our relationship journey is smooth. We both graduated together in secondary. During our college, I noticed some changes with him but I kept mum until he broke up with me and that’s my first heartbreak. I choose to stay strong and brave.

After college, I decided to come to Stansted, someplace in London. I never use my course; I applied to become a Stansted Escorts. After three weeks of staying here, I received a call and got hired. I have undergone many pieces of training before I have my first client. I thought I would never fall in love again after my first heartbreak. And I hope this time; it will last.

Written by joelwalden

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