I do date a lot of guys who have a bit of money at West Midland escorts.

For some reason, it is just the way things have ended up and I am not so sure why. But my colleagues at West Midland escorts are always saying that I am turning into a bit of Kensington princess and only want to date very rich men. That is not true. I like all of the gents that I meet at West Midland escorts but there is one guy that I he day, really love. His name is Steven, and yes, he happens to be rich.

When I first met Steven I knew that we had something special going on right away. He was fun to be with and we shared the same sense of humour. I made him laugh and he made me laugh. At the time, I did not know that Steven was one of the richest guys to use our West Midland escorts service. He just seemed like an ordinary guy and I did not have a clue that he was one of the richest dates at our West Midland escorts service. No wonder the other West Midland escorts were jealous.

After I had been dating Steven for a little while at escorts in West Midland, he suggested that we go out for the day. He wanted to take me on a trip on the Thames on his boat. Well, that morning he picked me up in his Aston Martin and took me down to his yacht. I really don’t know what I had expected really but certainly not a million pound yacht and a very expensive sports car. To be honest, I was a little bit taken back by it all but despite all of this, Steven was just his normal self.

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At the end of the date, Steven said that he did not have the time to take me to dinner that evening, but he had arranged a goodie basket for me. The goodie basket turned out to be a hamper from Harrods which I enjoyed when I had finished the evening shift at escorts in West Midland. Our day together had been fantastic and could still feel the sun burning on my neck as I went for the evening.

I know that I love Steven just for Steven but most of the other girls at escorts in West Midland think that I am after his money. It is nice that he has money but it is not something that I think about at all when we are together. I actually think that many of the girls at West Midland escorts would be happy to date Steven just for his money but I am not one of those girls. He never told me about his money when we first met and I did not fall in love with Steven with multi-millionaire at all. Some people may just be after other people’s money but I am not like that at all. The only thing I am after is Steven’s love and I think that I am getting that.


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