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Some of the girls that I have worked with at other escorts services say that dating celebs is good for your career. I am not totally sure about that at all, and I have been trying to avoid celebs since I joined Upton Park escorts You may not think that there are a lot of celebs in this part of London, but the truth is somewhat different. There are plenty of celebs in this London as it is rather trendy to live in Upton Park. Also, I think that many of the celebs find it easy to afford buying property around here.


Upton Park Escorts

Upton Park Escorts

Before I joined Upton park escorts, I used to work with this other girl and she was really into dating celebs. She said that once you have dated one celeb, many other celebs would come as well. I was being naive and thought that many celebs are out with genuine girlfriends all of the time. That is not necessarily true. Many of the girls that you see celebs with our indeed escorts. It surprised me at first, but it is honestly true. The American actor Charlie Sheen is famous for his love of escorts.


So, what are the downside of dating celebs? The truth is that many celebs like to be photographed. When that happens, you are likely to end up in the papers or magazine as well, and that may not work out that well. Many of the gents that I have dated at other escort services, and at Upton Park escorts, rely on the fact that you can be discreet. Once they start seeing you in the papers, they start to worry about their own personal status. I can totally understand that.


Another downside to dating celebs which I have found about since joining Upton Park escorts, is that many of them blame you for ending up in the papers when they don’t want to. As we all know, most celebs are obsessed with the way the look and do not want to be photographed when they do not look their best. They actually think that you have called the press to make a name for yourself but that is not true. I dated a celeb during my first week with the agency, and somebody snapped our photo. He phoned me the next day and shouted at me. He was convinced that I had called the press.


Ever since that date, I have told the girls on the switchboard here at Upton park escorts that I do not want to date any celebs. It is not really doing me any favors at all, and I am sure that there are many other escorts around London who feel the same way. Yes, it fun for a little while, but after that you soon appreciate that these people are a little bit weird. They want fame and fortune, but they are not always ready to pay the price. I am sure that many of them are a bit nuts, and personally I would not want to be famous at all. That would just be too much hassle and I am not into that at all.


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