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    By / November 12, 2015

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    Role Play And How It Can Lead To Amazing Sex

    By / October 14, 2015

    Fantasies are important in keeping any sexual relationship healthy and fulfilling. This is the reason many couples go out of the way to try role play because it makes it easier to bring these fantasies to life. Although some of these fantasies may seem odd, it is always important that you understand your partner because he or she is willing to show a side that probably no one else knows exists.

    Couples who are in a sexual rut can actually turn things around and have the most amazing sex of their lives by embracing role play. In fact, doing so comes with many benefits such as the ones below:

    Greater Bonds

    When your sex life is almost nonexistent, it becomes very hard to bond with your partner. Luckily by engaging in role play you can actually revive your old bonds, the same ones you had during your honeymoon. Talking about your fantasies and desires helps build stronger relationships; this is because any role play ideas that you may have no matter how silly it may seem is made possible by the trust that you have in each other.

    Role Play Increases Confidence

    Both men and women suffer from loss of confidence in the bedroom at some point in their relationship. Fortunately, role play is one sure way of increasing confidence both inside and outside the bedroom. No one will have to know that you were dressed as a slutty nurse who was busy taking care of a patient in need. By being able to accomplish such a scenario, you will come out oozing with confidence and even take this confidence to the next day.

    Rekindle Romance

    In long term commitments, a number of couples tend to get into a sexual rut. When this happens, men and even women may be tempted to seek elsewhere for sex. Thanks to role play, this can be avoided. The anticipation of something new will keep anyone interested, and this goes a long way in bringing out feelings of affection and satisfaction that may have long been forgotten.

    Role Play Reduces Inhibitions

    One of the reasons many couples do not get to enjoy sex is because of their inhibitions. Both men and women have their reservations when it comes to sex, and they can be in the way of having amazing sex. You may be interested in a new position but lack the courage to go for it, but role play can actually make that happen. As much as you are playing the role of someone else, all this is happening with your partner and with time, you can even get used to trying new things without acting.

    People have different sexual desires but often fail to voice their likes for fear of being misunderstood or taken for sexists or perverts. However, taking up role play can make accomplishing these desires and fantasies a reality which in turn will guarantee you mind blowing sex.

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