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You would be excused to say that you are getting confused. There are now so many different dating styles in London that most gents don’t seem to know if they know if they are coming or going. Agencies advertise anything from one-on-one services to duo dating and escorts for couples. It is a lot to take in, and may just be off putting for some local gents. So many of the services in places like Mayfair and Kensington, seemed to be aimed at the international business men who visit London. So, if you just want a decent one-on-one date, where do you? The fact is that many gents are turning to Black escorts

The Better Sex Guide spoke to a few gents who may on occasion pop in to see us here at the Better Sex Guide offices. They seem to be a bit confused about the many different style of dating. Steven has been dating escorts in London for a long time, and says he now mainly dates Black escorts in London. There is a very simple reason for that, says Steven, they offer sexy one-on-one dating, and not all of this other stuff. I so much prefer a woman who is really straight about what she does, and can offer you a hot and passionate date.

I personally feel that all of the Black escorts that I have met in places like Brixton do just that. They seem to know what they are about and what they are good at. This is what makes them so sexy to date. You don’t have to worry about this and that, you can just on with the date and have some serious adult fun with the girl of your choice. Isn’t that really what dating hot escorts are all about? We seem to have lost site of that, says Steven to the Better Sex Guide.

Why do I date Black escorts? They are really hot passionate women, says Tony, and I just love it. London is packed with escorts who are trying to be like super models. I think that so many of them are just primadonnas and that is not what I look for in date, If, I want to date a hot and sexy ladies, I just find a really hot Black girl to date. There are many hot and talented black babes here in London, and I think that a lot of gents really enjoy their company. I know that I do.

To be honest, I think that many escorts agencies around London are making dating too complicated. What gents like myself and Steven want is some honest hot action. You get from Black escorts in London, and this is one of the other reasons I enjoy dating black babes. They are just really up front, and honest about what they do. I really appreciate that, and I prefer to enjoy some hot action instead of all of these crazy new dating styles, says Tony. I am sure that many more gents would agree with Tony and Steven.

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