May 11, 2017

    I became a dominatrix to boost my pension pot

    By / May 11, 2017




    Redundancy forced me to retire early. The settlement package was not bad but it still left me with a gaping hole in my finances. I had been counting working until I was at least 60, but I was not sure that was going to happen now. At the age of 44 years old, I felt that I had been put on the scrap heap of life. I did try to apply for jobs, but I was always told that I was too overqualified to do the job. I felt rather devastated and did not know what to do.


    It was around this time I spotted an advert in a forum. East Ham escorts were look for a dominatrix to join their ranks. At first I laughed at the advert and thought about reporting it to the forum, but then I thought twice about. There is nothing wrong with a bit of domination, and one of my former boyfriends had been into it. I checked out my body in the mirror and soon realised that I needed to have more hair and perhaps a spray tan.


    After I had arranged a hair appointment and the spray tan, I was on the phone to East Ham escorts. The guy on the other end was a bit surprise that I was 44 years and wanted to entertain gents as a dominatrix, but he invited me a ling for an interview. The next day, I found myself sitting in a nice office which was clearly an escort service. There were photos of glamorous girls everywhere, and I felt myself becoming a little bit anxious. Was I about to make a fool out of myself?


    I did get through the interview and the owner seemed impressed but he was concerned about my page. In the end, I did talk him into giving me a trial contract and I started the following week. The other girls at East Ham escorts from seemed to be a little bit mystified but I soon made friends with them. During my second week with East Ham escorts we had an evening out and it soon became apparent that I was thought of as one of the team.


    From that moment on, things went a lot better for me. I gave up worrying about finding another job in finance again and started to focus on my East Ham escorts career. My dating diary was filling up nicely and I was having a good time. Escorting may not be something that you would normally get into when you are 44 years old, but I did enjoy it. I am rather strict with my gents and they love it. A couple of my gents come back to see several times every week. The boss says that I am one of the best dominatrix he has ever met. Well, I only took the job on to boost my pension pot, but I am having fun. Not only is my pension pot being boosted but I am rather enjoying. There are some days when I think that I should have gone into “being a charge a long tie ago. It is certainly a very good way to boost your pension pot!



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