May 31, 2017

    Meet Rickie Fowler’s sexy new girlfriend – Page Six

    By / May 31, 2017
    Meet Rickie Fowler's sexy new girlfriend
    Page Six
    As Tiger Woods sinks to a new low with his DUI arrest, fellow golfer Rickie Fowler is on top of the world. After a long stint in the singles scene, Fowler is getting serious with his beautiful new girlfriend, the pole vaulting star and stunning sports

    ​Christian Slater is on a boat to make HP cybersecurity sexy – CNET

    By / May 24, 2017
    ​Christian Slater is on a boat to make HP cybersecurity sexy
    Christian Slater channels Mr. Robot in "The Wolf" for HP. HP. When HP released Season 1 of its cybersecurity-focused web series "The Wolf," we all quietly wondered whether we had reached the zenith of scripted entertainment. Here was TV's very own Mr.

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    Ron Howard is on a mission to make science sexy – May. 16, 2017 – CNNMoney

    By / May 16, 2017

    Ron Howard is on a mission to make science sexy – May. 16, 2017
    For famed movie director Ron Howard, the science and tech sector is rife with dramatic stories just waiting to be brought to life with Hollywood flare.

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    I became a dominatrix to boost my pension pot

    By / May 11, 2017




    Redundancy forced me to retire early. The settlement package was not bad but it still left me with a gaping hole in my finances. I had been counting working until I was at least 60, but I was not sure that was going to happen now. At the age of 44 years old, I felt that I had been put on the scrap heap of life. I did try to apply for jobs, but I was always told that I was too overqualified to do the job. I felt rather devastated and did not know what to do.


    It was around this time I spotted an advert in a forum. East Ham escorts were look for a dominatrix to join their ranks. At first I laughed at the advert and thought about reporting it to the forum, but then I thought twice about. There is nothing wrong with a bit of domination, and one of my former boyfriends had been into it. I checked out my body in the mirror and soon realised that I needed to have more hair and perhaps a spray tan.


    After I had arranged a hair appointment and the spray tan, I was on the phone to East Ham escorts. The guy on the other end was a bit surprise that I was 44 years and wanted to entertain gents as a dominatrix, but he invited me a ling for an interview. The next day, I found myself sitting in a nice office which was clearly an escort service. There were photos of glamorous girls everywhere, and I felt myself becoming a little bit anxious. Was I about to make a fool out of myself?


    I did get through the interview and the owner seemed impressed but he was concerned about my page. In the end, I did talk him into giving me a trial contract and I started the following week. The other girls at East Ham escorts from seemed to be a little bit mystified but I soon made friends with them. During my second week with East Ham escorts we had an evening out and it soon became apparent that I was thought of as one of the team.


    From that moment on, things went a lot better for me. I gave up worrying about finding another job in finance again and started to focus on my East Ham escorts career. My dating diary was filling up nicely and I was having a good time. Escorting may not be something that you would normally get into when you are 44 years old, but I did enjoy it. I am rather strict with my gents and they love it. A couple of my gents come back to see several times every week. The boss says that I am one of the best dominatrix he has ever met. Well, I only took the job on to boost my pension pot, but I am having fun. Not only is my pension pot being boosted but I am rather enjoying. There are some days when I think that I should have gone into “being a charge a long tie ago. It is certainly a very good way to boost your pension pot!



    Model Demi Rose launching bikini range for ‘sexy women with bigger bottoms’ – The Sun

    By / May 9, 2017

    The Sun
    Model Demi Rose launching bikini range for 'sexy women with bigger bottoms'
    The Sun
    Model Demi Rose launching bikini range for 'sexy women with bigger bottoms'. The social media star is tipped to make a fortune by showcasing her beachwear to her loyal fans. Exclusive. By Stuart Pink, Deputy Bizarre Editor. 9th May 2017, 5:28 pm.

    Paige VanZant removes sexy videos after UFC fighters comment – Sacramento Bee

    By / May 2, 2017

    Sacramento Bee
    Paige VanZant removes sexy videos after UFC fighters comment
    Sacramento Bee
    UFC fighter Paige VanZant posted a series of sexy videos to her Instagram account promoting her “Black and White” clothing line for Reebok, then deleted them. Apparently, they were too sexy for a few of her fellow UFC fighters, the New York Post reported.
    Paige Van Zant Deleted This Sexy Video After Bitter Backlash From Other UFC FightersMaxim

    Paige VanZant shamed into removing sexy ad by UFC rivalsNew York Post
    Paige VanZant Reebok ad video: Sexy UFC star slammed after racy clipDaily Star
    RantSports –The Interrobang –Blasting News
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    How to Get that Escort Glow

    By / May 2, 2017

    I meet so many nice people through London escorts for couples service, and many of the ladies that I meet, are very complimentary about my skin and sexy body. Like so many escorts working in London, I really do like to look after myself. As a matter of fact, my obsession with beauty started a long time ago, and now it is really beginning to pay off. I do like after myself, and it is vital for me to feel good about myself.

    Giving the ladies that I meet through our escorts for couples service a few beauty tips is no problem at all. I love doing that. There are some parts of my beauty beauty routine that I am really passionate about, and I always share it. Drying brushing is really important if you would like to look when you look at yourself in the mirror. Not only does dry brushing get rid of dead skin cells, bit it also stimulates the circulation. I dry brush every day to keep my skin in good condition. Not a lot of ladies know that cellulite is a skin condition which can be helped by dry brushing.

    The other thing that I love is to moisture. Most of the ladies that I speak to when I go on escorts for couples dates in London, use the same body lotion all over their bodies. That is not the right thing to do at all. I have a range of different body lotions that I use, and I always follow the same routine. In the shower I use a really good quality natural. Once I am out of the shower, I make sure that all of my body lotion are lined up. I use a special one on my legs as I think that they are one of my best assets, and then a special one to keep my bust firm.

    Of course, it is important to look after your face as well. I know that many creams claim that they can work miracles, but I go for essential oils. One of the best essential oils that you can use is oil of lotus. You can buy it allover the Middle East and the ladies out there do seem to have really good skin. Numerous ladies that I meet with on my escorts for couples dates, have started to use it and noticed a huge difference. It actually repairs wrinkles.

    Looking after the beauty and sexiness is something that we all enjoy doing. Men say that they are not into it, but I don’t believe one word of that. All gents that I meet at escorts for couples are conscious of the way they look. I don’t think that is a bad idea at all. Men who look after their looks, are in general a lot healthier. That matters a lot when it comes to performance issues. Beauty does come from the inside, and if you eat the right things, you will naturally keep yourself beautiful and healthy for anything at the same time.…

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